The Complete Guide to Buying Christian T-Shirts: Everything to Know

Did you know that, according to recent studies, 64% of young people in America have said that they not only "wouldn't mind" but would "love" to wear a Christian t-shirt if it were trendy and cute enough? We understand why, as buying Christian t-shirts is a great way to show off your faith.

However, it can sometimes feel difficult to find the best Christian t-shirts that have the quality you’re looking for with the right faith-based messaging.

Looking for a great way to show your faith and style at the same time? Check out our buying guide to Christian t-shirts and other clothing! There are tons of cool designs and styles to choose from, and best of all, they're perfect for any occasion. 

Before you buy your next one, read on for everything you need to know about shopping for Christian t-shirts.

Decide What Kind of Christian T-Shirt You Want

If you’ve been to church or any sort of church summer camp then we’re almost positive you’ve seen some sort of Christian t-shirt before. They range from those with Bible verses on them to ones with images of Jesus.

However, in today’s day and age, there are numerous different types of Christian t-shirt designs. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the most common ones to help you decide which kind of t-shirt you’re looking for.


When we say “classic” here we’re talking about the shirts you’ve seen for decades. One of the most popular is the "Jesus Loves Me" design, which features a simple but powerful message of His love. 

Another classic design might be a t-shirt design with an image of Jesus himself. These designs are classic for a reason; they are simple but profound, and they remind us of the basic truths of our faith.

Biblical Verses

Love a particular Bible verse that you’d like to not only wear but share with the world? A Christian t-shirt with a Bible verse on it is a great way to show off your faith.

While these can be harder to find, especially if your favorite verse isn’t one of the more popular ones, they make for great gifts and keepsakes for those who have a special sentiment or memory with a particular verse.

Not sure how to choose the right Bible verse? Here are some of the most encouraging Bible verses to help inspire you.

Trendy & Funny

More recently, the trendy, funny, and cute Christian t-shirt designs have become the most popular. And we’re talking about both the design and the saying.

For example, our “Preach” t-shirt for women is cute, stylish, and on-trend with modern-day culture. Basically, these types of t-shirts put a trendy spin on modern-day Christianity and make the clothing fun and exciting to wear.

How to Choose the Right Style, Fit & Christian Clothing Brand

Now that you have narrowed down what kind of shirt you’re looking for, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right Christian clothing brand and that they offer t-shirts with the right style and fit you’re looking for.

First, we suggest shopping with a Christian clothing brand that has a strong mission to serve. For example, at Stone Pine Hause, we believe that by wearing God’s word we all have an opportunity to share our faith in Christ with others.

Furthermore, funds from purchases are allocated to Bible translation projects so that God’s precious Word may reach those who are in need of hearing it.

What about style and fit, though? Those are more personal choices. Typically, when it comes to style and fit, we’re talking about the following:

  • Athletic fit
  • Slim fit
  • Crew neck
  • V-neck
  • Sweater
  • Unisex

We believe that unisex t-shirts are often the most comfortable as they will fit most of the different types of unique, beautiful bodies that God has created.

Buying Christian T-Shirts: How to Shop Efficiently

Ready to start shopping? Okay! Here’s how to shop efficiently so that you can get what you need and still have time left over to make it to Bible Study on time.

Start Browsing by Category

One of the best ways to quickly find the right Christian t-shirt for you is to start browsing by category. By this, we’re referring to Men, Women, Youth, etc.

This will help narrow down your search quite a bit and ensure you’re not wasting time looking for Christian t-shirts that won’t fit you or aren’t really your style. 

Not sure how to do that? If you click here, you’ll see our entire collection laid out easily for you by category. Click on the category you want and go from there.

Get the Sizing Right

When it comes to comparing t-shirt sizes, be sure to look at the sizing chart provided before checking out! Most brands will have these. 

For example, if you check out our popular Tiny Disciples line for infants, you’ll note that not only do we categorize sizing by age in months, but that below we have clarified for you the ideal weight for each size.

For adult sizes, you will see the sizing chart listed in inches which refers to the chest size to fit. When in doubt, we suggest measuring your body to get an accurate measure of your size outside of just the number.

This way, you can ensure you’ll get a t-shirt delivered to you that fits correctly so you can wear it comfortably as you spread the Word of God!

If you find that the t-shirt doesn’t fit, we suggest getting in touch with the brand to ask about an exchange. Be sure to read their Refund Policy beforehand, but most will be willing to make exchanges at the very least

Note: If you purchase from Stone Pine Haus, you are able to return items within 30 days. View our full Refund Policy for more information.

Read Online Reviews

Finally, before buying Christian t-shirts, be sure to take time to read online reviews from other (recent) customers. This is ultimately the best way to see what others have had to say about the quality, delivery, material, and overall aesthetic of the t-shirt you’re interested in buying.

When reading online reviews, though, make sure they’re:

  • Recent
  • Real
  • Detailed

It’s helpful if they include photos too as that’s a great way to see what the t-shirt looks like on a real body.

Not sure where to find the reviews of the Christian t-shirts we sell at Stone Pine Haus? Simply click on a t-shirt you’re interested in, such as the Amazing Grace infant onesie. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If customers have left reviews, you will find them there. Often, they upload photos of the t-shirt they received so that you can get a good idea of what it looks like in real life. Do note, though, that if there aren’t reviews, it’s likely because the product is new!

Choosing the Right Brand

Ultimately, when buying Christian t-shirts, ensuring that you're purchasing from the right brand comes down to two questions:

  • Do they have the style you’re looking for?
  • Do you believe in their mission?

We think the second question is particularly important. Why? Well, there are a lot of Christian clothing brands out there and a lot of us create similar clothing. The difference is what’s behind the brand and what’s motivating their business.

At Stone Pine Haus, we believe that we are Christ's ambassadors and that God is making His appeal through us. This is at the core of every single piece of apparel we make and see.

Furthermore, we are committed to partnering with worldwide mission projects to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those that otherwise could not help themselves. God willing, we can change the lives of many on this earth and more importantly impact their destination for eternity. 

While we don't expect everybody to believe in our mission, we know that those who align with it will also enjoy shopping with a Christian t-shirt brand that shares a similar life vision and passion as they do. We believe this is key when buying Christian t-shirts, as it ensures you're supporting a brand that supports you.

Start Shopping for T-Shirts Today

Are you ready to start buying Christian t-shirts for you and your family today? We offer trendy, high-quality designs for the whole family. Start your search here and let us know if there are any styles or sizes missing!

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